VG-Line RITM-2



Type: standalone unit

Frequency range - 7 octaves

External CV input range – 0-5 V

Output signal amplitude no less than 0.775 V

Output signal amplitude range 60dB

Power consumption - 10 W

Dimensions - 385 x 180 x 105 (mm)

Weight – 3 kg


The RITM-2 synthesizer was created in Soviet Russia in 1982. It was the only Soviet synthesizer with all components and controls placed on a single printed circuit board. 

Function-wise it had one tone generator, a noise generator, a wave mixer (triangle, saw, rectangle, noise), a low-pass filter, two full-format envelope generators (attack, decay, sustain, release) and a LFO. 
Design-wise it was a keyboard instrument weighing about 15kg, in a plywood case with a lid. 
During the lifespan of the original product, about 3000 synths were produced. 
In the late 90s the RHYTM-2 synthesizer became well-known for its rigid and rich sound. 

In the late 2010s Vyacheslav Grigoriev and Grigory Ryazanov started a new project. Their wish was to bring an updated version of the rare and undeservedly forgotten Soviet synthesizer to the market. As a result of long development, the new RHYTHM-2 was born – bringing classic sound with new features – such as MIDI-interface, new ways of modulation, audio signal input and some more.


  • Carefully created remake of a classic Soviet synthesizer.
  • Simple and intuitive controls (1xVCO, 1xVCF, 1xVCA, 2xADSR, 1xLFO)
  • MIDI-interface with LFO retrigger
  • CV inputs for VCA, VCF, PW, pitch, gate
  • Sturdy industrial design

"this monster became my go-to synth for fat basslines and cutting leads... it's an incredibly good sounding synth despite its simplicity, it delivers so much..." Jeremy Bo, electronic musician


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